The management who ensures the Roleplay sim runs to its best ability.

Awesome - AdminsEdit

The Administrators, They are the ones who together work many of the complicated facets of running an RP.

Yuge Recreant - Story Admin Story and general event Admin, if you have something concerning the main story of the RP sim please contact him.

Frostie Flora - Social Media Admin As Social Media admin Frostie is generally in charge of the RP's Forums, Facebook Page, Twitter, Tumblr, and otherwise promotional material for the sim. Frostie also leads the Library Committee so questions on that may go to her as well.

Ed Yoshiro - Head Builder Admin Responsible for most of the builds around the Sim with the help of the team of Builders, Build related questions go to him.

Pheobe Belgar - General Admin Pheobe does a bit of everything, writing out systems, helping approve applications, and she runs the Bestiary Committee.

Dedicated - ArbitersEdit

The Arbiters are there to take minor problems off the hands of the Administrators so that they can focus on the larger issues with the sim, if there is a grievance, dispute, or question and an Admin cannot be reached then asking an Arbiter for help is acceptable.

The Arbiters also Assist the Social Media admin in promoting the sim.

Usagi Snowfall

Chiu Kimono

Incredible -BuildersEdit

Kiba Noonan

Taruto Aeon

Ian Winters (Seve)

Exo Savira


Cain Zarco (Vinyl)

Zachh Barkley

A goddamn robot - OtherEdit

OldManBalambBank Resident -  He is the crotchety old robot that keeps track of sim rentals.